Jo Anne Jensen

SVP, Technology and Insights

24 years in market research, data analysis and operations, including Informed Medical Communications, Response Analysis Corp., Health Products Research. BM in Music Performance from Washington University.

Cheryl Lubbert

President & CEO

25 years biopharmaceutical executive leadership and general management experience, including BMS, Immunex, Amgen and Abbott Labs. BS in Microbiology from University of Maryland.

Shelli Martineau

Digital Marketing Manager

9 years in social media and digital marketing, strategy, and community management including Comcast and FirstPath Autism. M.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction/English from University of Montana.

Our Expertise

Health Stories Project – Insights (HSPi), a division of the Health Perspectives Group of companies, creates a forum that empowers patients to share their stories with a broad range of stakeholders throughout the healthcare community. By placing individual experiences and opinions into a research context, we support industry movement toward patient engagement and, ultimately, patient centricity.

Our unique approach to sample generation leverages our ongoing engagement with patients both on- and off-line to dynamically recruit and screen individuals for participation in current opportunities. A broad range of tactics is drawn on to create a promotional strategy customized to the needs of each project.

Our tactics may include: integrated promotional campaigns leveraging our blog, YouTube channel, and other social network content; on- and off-line advertising; outreach to opted-in community members; partnership with advocacy groups and healthcare delivery organizations; and the use of traditional direct marketing lists.

As an active member of the online community, HSPi has considerable experience in screening respondents and administering questionnaires digitally. We employ software that allows us to offer respondents the option to view the survey in multiple languages and to optimize administration for mobile devices.

Our Responsibilities to Patients