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Qualitative Services

Qualified Lead Generation

Potential participants are screened against your eligibility criteria. We send you fully qualified and opted-in leads so that your current scheduling and logistics teams can manage the project through to completion — or we can manage the entire project for you.

Full-Service Qualitative Recruiting

In addition to identifying and opting-in qualified participants, HSP Insights manages scheduling and logistics for your in-person or virtual research activities

Online Sample Generation

Respondents are identified to match your initial screening criteria, then dynamically transferred to your online survey where further screening and data collection occur. Respondents who complete your survey are transferred back to us to facilitate honoraria fulfillment, as applicable.

Quick Read Studies

10-15 question online surveys collect targeted information quickly and reliably. This approach is helpful for situations where it’s necessary to gauge patient reaction to a market event or change.


Online surveys measure the range of patient perspectives and reactions to inform assets and print materials. Rapid turn-around enables this work to be a standard part of the materials development process.

Virtual Depth Interviews

45 minute to 1 hour interviews conducted via the Internet with patients recruited to satisfy defined criteria. Interviews are videotaped and transcribed.

Virtual Advisory Boards

Online, moderated sessions with 5-10 patient advocates. Discussion guides can include multiple approaches to dialogue. Sessions are videotaped and transcribed.

User-Generated Guided Videos

Scripts guide patients through the creation of videos on our user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant platform. Like short automated interviews, this technique can economically collect a large set of patient responses or be used to create content suitable for use on websites and social media.