Biosimilars: Patient Understanding and Attitudes

Biosimilars are here; what will patients do? A three-year study. Year one now available.

Biologic therapies have delivered significant improvement in outcomes for many autoimmune patients. The advent of biosimilar products will change the current therapeutic landscape and force many patients to make new decisions about their treatment, driving the need for awareness and education initiatives. This three-year study presents information about both biologics and biosimilars to patients and gauges their ability to understand the differences, as well as exploring switching and substitution behaviors.

Now available is year one of our study. By purchasing this year’s research, we will send you a discount rate code to use for years two and three. You can also submit custom questions for personalized information that can be included in upcoming surveys. Ask us about the customization opportunity in the message field below.

Products Available:

Quantitative Report 45 pp, Powerpoint format $5,000
Biologics and biosimilars. 88% of the patients surveyed were not able to identify the primary difference between them; namely, that biosimilars were a close, but not exact, copy of an already approved reference product.

How will you differentiate yourself and reach your key audience? Our Quantitative Report will help you identify gaps and opportunities.

Qualitative Report & Infographics 35 pp, Powerpoint format $2,500
Our Qualitative Report will provide unique insights, quotes and messaging that will best resonate with patients that will be potentially impacted by biosimilars from three different perspectives – general disease, biologics and biologic-naive.

Infographics: These two turn-key slides will help you to educate internal and external audiences about the impacts of biosimilars on your targeted population.

Quantitative Data Tables Banner 1: Gender, Age, Race
Banner 2: Condition
Banner 3: Insurance Status, Treatment Segment
Data provided allows users to review and manipulate survey responses to gain insights required for customized assessments.

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