Clinical Trial Attitudes

Patient Attitudes Toward Clinical Trials

What do patients think about clinical trials? What information do they need to know at each stage: recruitment, in-trial, post-trial? What channels of communication do they prefer?

The awareness and attitudes of among health-conscious consumers toward clinical trials are explored in this multi-mode study. Three segments are identified: Trial Naïve, Trial Decliners, and Trial Participants. Motivations for participation are explored, as are preferences for communication before, during, and after a trial. Data were collected using an online survey and through a series of in-depth interviews.


Quantitative Report – Overall Findings 35 pp, Powerpoint format $3,500
Qualitative Summary of Results 25 pp, Powerpoint format $3,000
Infographics Motivation Quadrants
Info Needs TImeline
Summary of Content & Channel Preferences
Quantitative Data Tables Banner 1: Gender, Age, Race
Banner 2: Condition
Banner 3: Insurance Status, Treatment Segment


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